Schpirerr Farben

Schpirerr Farben 72 count set    Schpirerr Farben 96 count set

This set was a good surprise. I’ve read many reviews, and everyone seemed to be in love with those pencils. I confess it sounded too good to be true. After working with them, I agree with most reviews, this set is a keeper!

Pencils have a round golden barrel, with the correspondent colour on the end. They are pleasant to work with, lay down colour well and the core is smooth, but not too soft. They hold a point well, good to work on details or fine lines.

Schpirerr pencils can layer and blend. They don’t produce dust, I really appreciate that! The cores are resistant, no breakage, I had no problems sharpening.

I really enjoy colouring with this set, fun to work with and easy to get beautiful results on the page. I would love to have more pastel colours, especially light blues, light greens and light violets. Many people comment on the lack of browns, but for me it was not a problem, as we have ochres and dark reds to complement.

I was not able to find lightfastness information on this set, for this reason it is classified here as students’ grade. ( Update: when tested, some Schpirerr Farben’s colours will fade, disappear or change when exposed to light. Check the SF lightfastness test on this blog.)

Schpirerr Farben pencils are a great choice of student pencils. They are affordable, very nice to colour with and lay out beautiful, vibrant colours.

Click below to download the PDF chart I’ve created for Schpirerr Farben 72 count set:




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