Green Garden & Derwent Pencils

This captivating illustration by Maria Trolle made me daydream about garden vegetables: tender lettuce , green peas and juicy tomatoes still warm by the sun! Here in the south of Ontario, this spring was a cold one and even if many plants are waking up and getting ready, the air is still cold. While I wait to start my garden, I had a great time colouring this page from LUNA.

I used only Derwent Pencils: Chromaflow for most of this page and Procolour for all the details. Those two sets together create many possibilities. Chromaflow pencils are soft, rich and have great coverage. They are completed by Procolour, pigmented, great layering and holds a fine point. Procolour Pencils are perfect for adding colour with precision, as lines and small areas. To complete, I used Posca Pens for the little dots.

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Derwent Procolour on Amazon
Luna Coloring Book on Amazon

The Colouring Times Etsy Store

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