Black Widow Pencils

I was very curious about Black Widow pencils, many people love them and there were many comments online.

I first bought the three sets of 24: Black Widow, Cobra and Scorpion. When Skin and Monarch were available, I purchased them too.

The Black Widow Collection 6 different sets:

First positive is that if you get all sets, they complement each other and you can build a great, huge set of 144 pencils.

The majority of pencils are unique colours. Black and white pencils appear in two different sets and therefore will be repeated. I find it handy to have a second white in my set.

The Black Widow pencils offer a different experience when colouring, they glide on paper like wax crayons. I find it to be delightful because they colour without much effort and it’s easy to apply more or less pressure, creating diverse hues. 

They have bright, vibrant, saturated colours, I find the tonality selection very beautiful and well planned. All sets combined are a great palette and give enough colours to satisfy your creativity.

I also like the velvety finishing result, it looks smooth and even on paper.

BW pencils will blend and layer well, but to a certain point. As any wax based pencil, they have a limit. I prefer to blend and layer only two or at most three colours at the time. They can produce beautiful results with only a couple layers.

The body of each pencil is black. They all have the name of the set, colour name and number printed. The first sets of 24 have no coloured tip, pencil is all black. The last sets released, Skin Dark, Skin Light and Monarch have a tip representing the pencil’s colour.

Pencils have hexagonal shape and sharpen quite well, I never had any problems. They seem resistant and don’t chip or break easily. I absolutely love that these pencils don’t release any dust when colouring!

BW are student pencils and do not offer any information on lightfastness, the capacity to resist to light exposure. I imagine that as any other student brand, they are not intended to last for years on paper.

I have my collection in one pencil case, all sets together and organized by colour. I placed a paper colour tip on the pencils that don’t have one. It makes it so much easier to find the right colour.

Black Widow pencils are a great deal: not expensive, fun to colour with and give beautiful results. I find it so convenient that you can build your collection at your own pace, one set at the time. 

Now, my collection is complete and they quickly became one of my favourite sets to use when I want to relax and enjoy soft pencils with bright colours!

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