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Castle Art pencils are set in a metal tin, it looks very nice. I have both sets, 72 and 120 count. My pencils arrived in good condition, no breakages or any scratches. However the 72 tin was dented. The 120 set arrived in perfect condition. Pencils are sent sharpened.

I really like the Castle Art coloured pencils. The core is very soft, they are pleasant to work with. I had no problems sharpening them. They have enough pigmentation and the colours are beautiful and bright.
Castle Art pencils are wax-based. They will blend and layer, but will not produce many layers. By other hand they hold well the points and are not dusty.

The first set of pencils did not have numbers or names printed on the barrel. Although we can work around this  by taking the time to make and add labels to each and every pencil, it takes time! I really like to have a number printed in order to do my colour chart right away, without having to go through a labeling process first. Besides, it’s not fun to have labels taped on the barrel when you are working.

I was very glad to find out that Castle Art improved their product by printing numbers on each pencil, my new 120 set arrived with numbers and that made my colouring more pleasant, no labels this time. The choice of colours is great, from skin tones to pinks, blues and greens.

I love colouring with these pencils because are soft and easy to hold. I use them in sketches or in my colouring books to relax.

Castle Art Coloured pencils are a very good choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly set that performs well and has soft cores. 



Click here to download the PDF chart I’ve created for 120 Castle Art Pencil set.