Arrtx Lightfastness Test

I’m delighted to share the results of my Light Resistance Test for Arrtx 72 Coloured Pencils.

Last summer, I tested some of my favourite budget brands of pencils to find out how they resist to light exposure. To learn more, check Lightfastness page on this Blog.

Artist’s pencils usually have this information available, some even have it printed on the barrel. Most budget friendly pencils don’t have a light resistance rating, and that’s fine, because they are created to be fun and affordable. 

After some testing, I found out that for the same price you can purchase pencils that will last much longer without fading—and this makes a BIG difference. 

It’s great to know my pages will stay beautiful, especially after investing hours to complete one.

YES! There are brands offering colours that will last longer for an affordable price: Arrtx is one of them 😃

Below you can see Arrtx test, showing the column exposed to direct sunlight for 30 days and the control colours not exposed to light.

Most tones look the same, few changed slightly. In the 72 Set, there were noticeable changes in a few colours: 2 yellows, 3 pinks and 2 blues.

In comparison with other pencils at the same price range, Arrtx definitely did better.

In addition, Arrtx are really lovely pencils. They seem superior to comparable brands. Arrtx Coloured Pencils have a soft, but solid core. Colours are rich and vibrant. Very good blending and layering capacity. No breakages while working. Some pencils produce a little dust, but not a lot of it, like Prismas. I find those pencils easy to sharpen.

As a budget friendly brand, 72 Arrtx Pencils did really well in my “home made” light resistance test. In my opinion, they’re one of the best choices for coloured pencils that offer both quality and good price. It makes colouring even more enjoyable for me, knowing it will keep on being bright and beautiful!

Lately, I’ve purchased Arrtx 126 in addition to my Arrtx 72. Sets are slightly different, I intend to write a review soon. Both offer vibrant tonalities and a smooth experience when colouring. 

Arrtx Colored Pencils 72 Set at

Arrtx Colored Pencils 72 Set at