Luminance by Caran d’Ache

Luminance permanent pencils
are produced in Switzerland by Caran d’Ache. They are without question among the best artist pencils available in the market today. 

Combining a very smooth core with the highest quality in light resistance, this is a product that will allow your artwork to last for decades. 

In their words “Luminance 6901® offers to the demands of the most exacting creative professionals the guarantee that their works will stand the test of time for up to 100 years.”

Working with Luminance is absolutely a new experience. Blending is easy and the results are beautiful. Colours are intense and bright, with high pigment concentration. 

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Mix white and magenta as a blending test; if you get a smooth pink your pencils blend well. The only other pencil that is similar to Luminance, among the ones I tested, is “Lightfast” by Derwent.

Luminance pencils lay down colour without effort. They are amazing to blend and layer. Blending will create so many new tonalities. Layering, especially if you are light-handed, can create deepness and textures that will impress you. Luminance has superior coverage power, allowing a bright tone to be applied on top of a darker layer. This is wonderful! 

The packaging is like a special gift. Pencils are organized in a very sturdy box. When opened, you can see each pencil safely stored in a foam bed, like colourful jewels. Great presentation!

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Luminance pencils are expensive because of their superior quality. Artist pencils like Luminance are to be used when the work is intended to last for decades without fading colours.

They are an investment made by the artist to guarantee longevity in their artwork to their customers.

I prefer to use my Luminance Pencils to produce original work that I intend to sell. I know that they will last for many years in great shape without any fading. They are also fantastic for colouring books and illustrations, but if I’m only colouring my books to relax I’ll probably use a budget brand.

Once you buy a Luminance Set, you can replace the pencils most used by buying open stock. This is a huge advantage, because it is affordable to replace a pencil here and there and your set is always complete.

Luminance pencils are between the best your money can get. Smooth, easy to blend and permanent, they do offer a unique experience for your artwork.

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Luminance 100 set + 1 pencil blender + 1 full blender

Luminance 76 set + 2 full blender

Luminance 40 set

Luminance 20 set

Check out the Colour Chart for Luminance 76 set

Luminance 76 Swatch Chart PDF