About me


It’s nice to see you here! 
The Blog started because I wanted to share some ideas about colouring as well as completed pages.
As time passed, my interest increased – I’ve created charts for coloured pencils and made tests on light exposure. I’m happy to share all this with you here. 
I’ve always been interested in producing images: drawing, painting, photography. I was one of those kids with folders and folders full of drawings. I graduated in Art and Education. I’ve participated in a few exhibitions with drawings and photography and worked as Graphic/Web Designer, Photographer and Photo Researcher.
I believe those experiences helped me to understand Art from different perspectives.
Creative activities are very positive for everyone.
Colouring is a great way to use your creativity while having fun and relaxing.
Colouring can also develop your artistic skills.
I wish that you find in this blog some useful information and some pleasant colours too!
Cibele Ceroni

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