Chromaflow Review

The latest addition to Derwent Family, Chromaflow Pencils are certainly unique and versatile. I was quite surprised with what they can do.

Since the release, I was very curious about this new coloured pencil. This brand already produces many distinctive coloured pencils, like Procolour, Coloursoft, Lightfast, Inktense and others. I wondered what changes would justify creating a whole new set.🤔

Chromaflow Pencils are noticeably lighter, having a thinner barrel than most Derwent pencils. The core is slightly thinner as well. 

Colours are rich and vibrant, producing a saturated and smooth coverage on paper.

The BIG difference from any other Derwent product is that Chromaflow blends as crazy!!!🤩 This pencil blends effortlessly and leaves a very even surface, creating gorgeous transitions between colours:  a quality that colourists love. The lay down is very smooth, there’s no struggle with the pencils. They almost glide on the paper, colouring beautifully without the need to apply much pressure.

Considering blending, Chromaflow really excels. In my opinion, Chromaflow earned a place between the best coloured pencils to produce easy blending and uniform transitions.

According to Derwent’s website, Chromaflow pencils do not offer certified light resistance, meaning that some pigments may fade with time. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind they still are superior pencils: they may fade within the next decades, but budget pencils may fade in the next months. Derwent’s products are recognized for their quality and the cost certainly reflects that. 

Presented in tin boxes, sets are available in 12, 24, 36, 48 and 72 pencils. In another note from Derwent, for the moment there are no projects to create a larger Set. They also state that no single pencils are being sold presently. I hope they change that soon.

Chromaflow Coloured Pencils are definitely not in the “budget-friendly” category. The larger set is expensive if compared with others in the same group: average of USD 2.00 each pencil. 😥 I believe that they would reach a larger market if priced a little lower, but it’s highly probable that supply changes and higher costs that affected everything in the last years are also having an impact on our beloved Art Supplies. (I just noticed that has a sale of 52%OFF 😃 on Chromaflow right now!!! I don’t know how long it will last, but it’s a great discount. I will keep the link here while the offer is valid – enjoy!) SALE $73.85 with 52% OFF List Price $154.99

After working for a while with this set, I clearly understood what it brings to the table: light weight barrel, smooth but resistant core, great coverage, wonderful blending: all that glowing in a vibrant palette.

Looking for lighter pencils with rich colours, that cover effortlessly and blend like magic? 

Chromaflow pencils are a great choice! 

No pain to colour and gorgeous results. But as nothing is perfect … price is on the higher end and they are not sold separately, only in sets. 

Let’s hope Derwent improves accessibility concerning price and replacements, because Chromaflow pencils are really lovely.

The colouring experience with Chromaflow is delightful and I absolutely love my new set! 💕

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