Kalour 240 – Lightfastness Test

Lightfastness – Popular Pencils Tested – Kalour 240 Results

Last summer, I tested my 240 Kalour Set to find out what happens when the colours are exposed to sunlight.

This is a home test: I simply colour a chart and place it on a sunny window for 30 days.

I also colour another page that is not exposed to the sun. This one is a control page. I use it to compare tonalities and validate the test. When ready, I place both columns side by side to see the results.

Kalour 240 Test Results

From 240 pencils tested, many colours in the range of pinks and purples had problems. As with other comparable brands, those colours tend to be altered or erased by the sun. Unfortunately, this is a common problem with coloured pencils in this price range.

Metallic tones mostly stayed unchanged by sunlight. Neon colours were mostly erased by light. Greys, light and dark kept unchanged.

I was very happy to see that most blues, greens, reds, yellows and browns also kept their colours and had no change after all that sun.

My review of Kalour’s capacity to resist to light is mostly positive, because the majority of colours, around 70% did really well and resisted fading, holding the original colour. As with similar brands, pigments for pink, purple and neon don’t resist to light and tend to change or disappear. There was also some change in a few blues and yellows, as you can see on the images below.

Kalour Coloured Pencils are presented in a sturdy, large tin that arrives very well protected inside a cardboard box. Pencils are beautiful and have round, colourful barrels with names and numbers. They are pleasant to hold and easy to lay colour. The core is soft and colours are bright and vibrant. I really enjoy colouring with this Set that offers a great variety of colours and many possibilities.

Kalour 240 Pencils at Amazon

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