Guang Hui – Hero or Wanshui



Guang Hui Pencils come in a plastic shell organized in six thin plastic trays. I’ve ordered the 168 count set. They may be sold under different names as Hero or Wanshui, but they all have Guang Hui printed on the barrel.

When I started working with them, I enjoyed how smooth these pencils are.
I confess that considering the price, I was not expecting much more than average pencils but this set was a nice surprise! I like the way they lay down colour without effort and I find them pleasant to work with. I particularly like the capacity of those pencils to fill in all the little white spots on the paper. Guang Hui lays down evenly and covers well the surface.

Guang Hui coloured pencils do not have names printed on the barrels but they have numbers. Using the numbers you can make a colour chart – and you will need one! The colours on the barrels are more of a suggestion than a match. To have control of the tonalities on this set, a colour chart is a must. I made my own to help me work with this set. Click here for my Guang Hui colour Chart.

Those are not super-resistant cores, and if you have a heavy hand you may end up some broken tips. I tried several sharpeners before finding the right match for this pencil, and T’GAAL works just fine.

Guang Hui is a great choice for oil-based coloured pencils on a budget. They have a good colour selection and can do some blending and layering. Keep in mind this is a budget set, very fun to colour with but has no resistance to light. Unfortunately the colours will fade with time or light exposure. Please check my Guang Hui lightfastness test in this blog to find out more.

I really like the smooth feeling when colouring with Guang Hui. I wish there was more care involved in developing this product, making barrels of more quality, investing on less breakage and using pigments a bit more resistant to light. By other hand, this product is really not expensive and that makes it affordable and easy to replace. It’s a very nice product to discover oil based pencils and to have fun colouring.

This is not a requested review, I purchased the pencils.



Click below to download the chart I made for this set:


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