Colour Wheel Guide

As an Art Teacher, I believe the Colour Wheel is a great resource to understand how to create beautiful colour combos.

The Wheel helps Artists to find the perfect colour combinations for their projects, based on the geometric relationships between colours. 

My goal was to create a simple and objective Colour Wheel, that you can complete and use when creating your Art.

How to use the wheel: the colours that are opposed to each other are Complementary Colours and used together, they make things “pop” by giving contrast and intensity to a project. The Colours that are next to each other are Analogous, used as a combo they bring calm, peace, serenity to a design or artwork. There are many combos to create!

Colour Wheel Guide – Blank Chart Free PDF

I hope you enjoy this new Printable! 

Download Free Printable Blank Colour Wheel Guide

This is how the Colour Wheel Guide looks like when completed. I used my lovely Prismacolor Premier 150 set. Here’s a list of the pencils with names and numbers:

  • A – Canary Yellow PC916
  • B – Spanish Orange PC1003
  • C – Orange PC918
  • D – Poppy Red PC922
  • E – Magenta PC930
  • F – Mulberry PC995
  • G- Violet PC932
  • H -Violet Blue PC933
  • I – Cerulean Blue PC103
  • J – Aquamarine PC905
  • K – Apple Green PC912
  • L – Spring Green PC913

To print charts, I prefer paper that is thick enough but will print without problems. I use card stock (110 lb – 199g/m2), acid free, letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″ – 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm). I also try to look for paper that is green friendly and is part recycled. Here some examples of card stock: Neenah, Springhill and Neenah Cardstock.