Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat

Creative Cats_

Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat

A very amusing book, especially for people that love cats. I certainly do! It is original and compelling, the artwork makes you want to start colouring right away.

This book is part of Creative Heaven series by Dover Publications. This series has great colouring books on budget.

The pages are printed only on one side and are perforated. Paper has a white hue, is lightweight and does not have much texture. I would love to have this book printed on a heavier, thicker paper. However, I understand that this would make the book less affordable. As a solution, I’ve scanned some images and printed on a heavier, thicker paper (100 lbs). I was quite happy with the result. 

The artwork by Marjorie Sarnat is full of fantasy and imagination. The drawings have attractive elements to be coloured, creative backgrounds and lovely cats in every page. I really like that the images have frames, the borders give a nice finished look to the illustrations.

I’ve purchased this book, this is not a requested review.