Why colouring?


We all can benefit from the calming effects of colouring. Stopping the world around, choosing colours and painting shapes.

Colouring helps us to focus and concentrate.

Colouring is a great way to develop your creative skills doing something fun,  something that does not require a lot of space or time. It’s relaxing exactly because it is not serious.

The supplies are affordable. The images are beautiful, but ephemeral.

It gives us a sense of freedom because there’s no right or wrong. Activities of this nature are very soothing.

It makes me think about the Buddhist mandalas made of sand. They create the most beautiful and intricate designs using many tonalities of sand, forming a wonderful picture only to be destroyed in one gesture. It is very poetic and profound. Art can be ephemeral, sometimes the gesture that creates is more important than the longevity of the work.

I believe that people that take colouring as a regular activity can develop a great practical knowledge of tonalities, combinations and composition. This is a valuable skill that can be applied when working with other mediums, as photography, painting and graphic design.


Buddhist Mandala Julie-Plevak

Photography from: http://manipulatedreality.com/buddhist-monks-mandala/