Floribunda – A Flower Colouring Book by Leila Duly

Floribunda is a beautiful botanical book, a high-quality production presenting 20 fascinating illustrations.

This book has so many things that colourists look for: artwork is delightful, it has a great format and the paper is perfect.

Illustrations are sublime. Absolutely gorgeous. I find the plants and flowers exquisite and the compositions created by the artist are harmonious and lovely. Leila Duly plays around with space, balance and movement, creating delicate visual symphonies of flowers.

Floribunda is a great choice for colourists that want to use any water-based paint. Bring on your watercolours, gouache or water-soluble pencils: this book was printed in paper that can take paint without curling or becoming wavy. I’ve tested using watercolours, soluble pencils and a sensible amount of water and the paper remained flat, no waves.

Floribunda is great to be coloured with markers as well. Because the paper is strong and smooth, it’s just perfect to work with all kinds of markers. 

It’s easy to colour and frame your work. All pages are printed only in one side, the paper is heavy weight and pages are easy to detach from the spine.

I really appreciate that the drawings are not too small, even if they may be quite intricate. All illustrations are contained in one page, and that is also something I like, because I can finish it without losing interest. I find double pages sometimes challenging because they take too long to complete.

This book is larger than the average colouring book (25 x 33 cm – 9.8 x 13 in). It has a great surface to colour and still fits in the bookshelf. I really like this format.

I recommend this book as one of the best for colouring. There is no problem in spending hours to complete a page, because you are going to get the best results when working on quality paper. Pure joy and beautiful colouring that can last through the years.

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