Raam Refined Lightfastness Test

Lightfastness – Popular Pencils Tested – RAAM Refined Results

This summer, I tested my 120 set Raam Refined to find out how the pencils resist to fading,  when exposed to sunlight.

To test light resistance, I colour a chart and place it on a sunny window for 30 days. I also colour another page that is not exposed to the sun. The second page is the control, used to match tonalities and validate the test. When ready, I place both columns side by side to compare the results.

Raam Refined Test Results

From 120 pencils tested, 14 showed drastic changes while 106 did not show any alteration or very little. The majority of colours of this set ( more than 86%)  performed really well. As with other comparable sets from different brands, some colours were completely erased by the sun. They are in the pink and purple range of tonalities. I love pinks and that always makes me sad:( This is a constant problem with most coloured pencil brands in this price range.

I was very happy to see that most blues, greens, reds, yellows, browns and surprisingly the evasive dark purples all kept their beautiful colours and had no change after all that sunlight.

My review of Raam’s capacity to resist to light is positive, because most colours really did well and resisted fading, holding the original colour.

Raam Refined Coloured Pencils arrive in a nice tin, organized in three layers. The set with 120 pencils offers a large choice of tonalities. They look really good and have a coloured round barrel, printed with name and number. I really like this set because pencils are easy to hold and soft to colour with. The colours are rich and vibrant, and now I know most will not fade easily. Raam Refined is a smart choice between student coloured pencils: the great majority of colours did well in my test, pencils are fun to work with and they have a really friendly price, being one of the best budget Brands on the market.

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