Twilight flowers

A beautiful page from the book Twilight Garden by Maria Trolle.

I took my time to complete this one. Colouring pages that have a black background are less forgiving, and demand more skill. Every mistake you make will appear and erasing may make it more obvious. I’ve made a few mistakes on this page and used a thin eraser to lightly remove some pigment without really disturbing the black printed background. The Mono Zero eraser by Tombow is a good friend of colourists. It looks like a mechanical pencil,  the tip is very fine (2.3mm), allowing precision. Used correctly, it will not damage the paper.


I’ve used Polychromos Faber-Castell and Holbeins. I wanted a very saturated colour, vibrant and captivating to contrast with the black. Those two sets of pencils gave me the strenght of pigment that I was looking for. Holbeins so creamy and pigmented, but a bit glossy. Polychromos gorgeous colours blend everything and reduce the shine. The little flowers in the detail are done with Prismacolor Premier Pale Sage; I love this tonality and wish all sets would have it. However, Primacolor is the only brand I know that produces this hue. Holbein has Willow green, a colour that is quite close but not exactly the same. I have bought a few extra Pale Sage pencils and complement my sets with them.

To complete, I applied a layer of Caran D’Ache blender. This gives an even texture and matte finish that I really like. It kind of brings everything together as a visual unit. I had a great time colouring this page!



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