Worlds within Worlds by Kerby Rosanes

Worlds within Worlds by Kerby Rosanes is a beautiful integration of reality and fantasy. The images on this book captivate the imagination, they are like portals that bring us inside the fantastic mind of the author.

I absolutely love how he plays with dimensions, placing a whole city on top of a mushroom. Sometimes we can see through the earth or inside animals, revealing a house, a reflection or a mystery. Animals and plants get entangled, creating houses, cities and forests.

Kerby Rosanes is a very talented illustrator and his art has a unique style. His work is full of movement, integrating so many different elements that we almost get lost inside the drawings. His work makes me think of surrealism and symbolism. There is also a clear connection with nature and a pertinent concern with preservation.

The book’s format is square (25.5 x 25.5 cm or 10 x 10 inches), as most books by this artist. There is a nice texture on the cover. Spine is glued, not stitched. The version I own is published by Plume Books – Penguin, printed in the USA, 2020.

Pages are printed on both sides. Paper is white towards a cream hue, very smooth and around 100 lb, this means thicker than a regular book’s page, but not as thick as a card paper (110 lb and up).

There is a hidden key in each illustration, to be found and coloured. This book really is a colouring adventure, stimulating the creativity and inviting you to discover the hidden worlds in every page!

Worlds within Worlds at Amazon


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