Fairy House from Botanicum

Botanicum by Maria Trolle is one of my favourite colouring books. The illustrations are enchanting, paper has great texture. The book’s binding is stitched with a hard cover. Botanicum is a joy to colour and a must have for any colourist.

I used my new Kalour pencils 180 set to colour the drawing and Derwent Coloursoft pencils to complete the background. I really liked to work with Kalour: they’re soft, have bright, rich tonalities and feel easy to blend and layer. I hope they are really light resistant as the manufacturer states in the packaging. This summer I will be testing this set for lightfastness!:D

Derwent Coloursoft are my preferred pencils for larger areas and backgrounds. They are very smooth, spreading pigment in the paper effortlessly, without leaving any marks. Derwent Coloursoft pencils give a beautiful, uniform finishing.


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