Printable! Primary, Secondary and Intermediary Colours

Colour Guide I – Print and Color blank PDF

I created this printable as a practice page about colour combinations.

This is a Printable about Primary Colours and how they mix, creating Secondary and Intermediary Colours.

Print the PDF and colour using your favourite media. You can use coloured pencils, watercolours or markers.

This is a good page for practice and to create combinations.

I used Polychromos Faber-Castell to complete my chart.

Here’s the list of pencils:

  • YELLOW – Cadmium Yellow 9201-107
  • RED – Pink Carmine 9201-127
  • BLUE – Middle Phtalo Blue 9201-152
  • ORANGE – Dark Cadmium Orange 9201-115
  • GREEN – Permanent Green 9201-266
  • VIOLET – Blue Violet 9001-137
  • YELLOW GREEN – Light Green 9201-171
  • RED VIOLET – Manganese Violet 9201-160
  • YELLOW ORANGE – Cadmium Orange 9201-111
  • BLUE VIOLET – Delft Blue 9201-141
  • BLUE GREEN – Chrome Oxide Fiery 9201-276
  • RED ORANGE -Scarlet Red 9201-118

I hope you enjoy this new printable! Click here to download the free PDF Colour Guide I

This is how my page looked when completed:

To print charts, I prefer paper that is thick enough but will print without problems. I use card stock (110 lb – 199g/m2), acid free, letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″ – 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm). I also try to look for paper that is green friendly and is part recycled. Here some examples of card stock: Neenah, Springhill and Neenah Cardstock.


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