Peaceful Birds

Another superb illustration by Artist Maria Trolle, from the book LUNA.

While colouring, I was thinking about this new year: wishing it brings us harmony and peace. Colouring brightens my day and always brings me to a good place. I believe artistic activities are very positive and help us to find balance. My wish for 2023 is that more people find good moments and happiness in Art and colouring!

I used Pasteltint 48 by Castle Arts to colour this page. Pasteltint pencils are very soft and will blend colours, creating beautiful gradients. All the pencils in this set are pastel tonalities, offering great possibilities for colour combinations.

I also used Winsor & Newton 48 Coloured Pencils when I needed more deep saturated tones, like the purple in the flowers and bird’s wings. W&N pencils are smooth and create rich colours, I really like this set! To complete, green dots done with Posca Pens, my favourite for little details. Happy Colouring!

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