Birds in the Enchanted Forest


This is a lovely page from Enchanted Forest, one of my favourite books by Johanna Basford. At first, I was not sure to do a background, sometimes is tricky to choose the right colour to bring everything together. I’ve decided to do a green and yellow one using soft pastels. I do like the final result, but I was not counting on that mark on the bottom right of the page! 🙂 Oh well, in the end what really matters is the fun we have while colouring, so I don’t mind at all.

I’ve used my vintage pencils (Laurentien and Prismacolor Berol), Prismacolor Premier and Marco Raffiné. The background was coloured with Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels. To make sure everything stays in place, a few layers of fixative. 

Work in progress


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