Nightfall by Maria Trolle


Nightfall is a beautiful book by Maria Trolle.

Ready for a walk in a gorgeous garden by nightfall? You will find flowers, butterflies, birds, ponds, small animals nesting, fairylike sweet girls holding rabbits and many other lovely images.

Illustrations are original and very appealing, the details are not too small and every page is very balanced and pleasant, without being too long to complete.

The author did much more than drawing beautiful flora in this book, she presented us with a botanically correct artwork and also provided a list of the scientific names of each species by page. This is a lot of additional work and research, in order to depict accurate visual information.

If you just want to use your imagination and flow with the colours, just ignore the list. If you are like me, someone that enjoys researching the names and finding out more about each plant, go for it. Any direction you choose, you are going to have so much fun with this book!

I really like that most drawings are contained to one page and don’t bleed the page, that means they have white, not printed margins around the image.

I enjoy this presentation because I find difficult colouring the part near the book’s column. Double pages and the rectangular format can be beautiful. However there is always a visual obstacle where the binding is. For this reason, I really prefer working on single pages, where the image is displayed completely on one sheet of paper.

Many pages have a black background printed, something that creates different possibilities for your colouring. I really like working on those pages, they look beautiful when completed because of the contrast of the colours with the dark background. However they are a bit more challenging. When colouring, you must be precise not to go over the black part because when you erase that overflow, it may take away the background too. I pay more attention when working with a printed background and for small mistakes, I use a Mono Zero, fine eraser. If used lightly, it won’t damage the paper.

The paper has a cream hue and good quality. I love that pages are bound together, not just glued. I also appreciate the hardcover, it keeps the book looking good and in shape for longer.

Nightfall by Maria Trolle is a wonderful book, full of amazing, enchanting illustrations printed on quality paper. A must have.

Nightfall by Maria Trolle. Gibbs Smith Publisher.
This review was not requested by the Publisher, I’ve purchased my copy of this book.

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