The Best Gifts for a Colourist – that are not books or pencils!

Looking for a Gift for the Colourist in your life? Besides coloured pencils, markers or colouring books there are many accessories that will make any colourist happy! Check out my list:

Organizer with drawers in wood – This organizer is a great solution for having all your pencils in one place. Everything is visible and easy to find. I use them for my pens and markers, because they should stay horizontally so they don’t dry. My large collection of markers, Posca pens and ink pens is beautifully organized now and I can quickly find what I’m looking for.

Large Pencil Cases – For Colourists that have different sets of pencils and like to transport them around, there is no better friend than the large pencil cases that can accommodate more than 200 pencils. I really love the original packaging of my coloured pencils sets, but the truth is that a pencil case is easier to work with. Pencils are protected, don’t roll around and it’s easy and quick to find the colour you’re looking for. I love those cases, most of my pencils are organized in them.

Electric Eraser Derwent – This is an electric eraser, it works with two AAA batteries. It’s fantastic to remove pigment, and gives a better and cleaner result than erasing by hand, no question about it. The eraser is not very long and wears out, so don’t forget to buy replacements. Depending on the pressure you apply, it can be more delicate or more effective, and it’s a great tool to erase mistakes, but also to create effects, like stars or sparkles of light in a dark area. 

Mono Zero Eraser – A precision eraser that will work in small spaces, erasing only what you want. The eraser is very thin and surprisingly firm, allowing precision. It also lasts longer than other brands I’ve tested, but don’t forget to buy the refil. A must have!

Table Magnifier with Lamp – This magnifier changed my life for better! It’s very handy to have a magnifier with a lamp attached to your desk for small details. The fact that is stable and part of the desk, makes it easy to use – I can pull or push it quickly and don’t stop my workflow. Love it!

T’Gaal Multi-Sharpener – Those sharpeners are versatile and honestly one of my favourites. It is the only sharpener I use with my Prismacolor Premier pencils. This sharpener can be adjusted to sharpen in five different sizes.

Pigma Micron Pens – A set of black Ink pens of different line sizes is a great addition to any colourist. You can add details in your books or create your own drawings. Pigma ink will not fade with time.

Lap Desk – Great for when I colour somewhere other than my desk. There are several different models available, look for the ones that have a bar of support in the lower part, to keep your book in place. A Lap Desk provides a comfortable and stable surface to place your book and colour away!

Articulated Desk Lamp for artwork – A must have for everyone that works with art, it has a heavy base and articulated arm that allows the spot to be directed exactly where you need. I like to have a mix of cold and warm light where I work, and those just add a perfect light spot on my artwork.

Table top to incline – I used this inclined tabletop to help me colour in a more comfortable position. I started to have wrist pain from colouring and painting, and this helped me to work in a healthier position. You can turn the book and adjust its position, instead of turning your arms and wrists. I use it for painting, drawing and colouring. When not in use, it folds flat. 

Pencil Extender – Good quality coloured pencils must be used to the end. Those extenders are great to do just that, they extend the life of each pencil, providing a firm and comfortable grip. I’ve bought several, of different prices. In my opinion, quality here is important and the cheaper ones are not that good. I prefer this set of Derwent extenders because they have a great grip and allow you to use the pencil to the very end of it. They come in a set with two sizes, for regular and larger barrels. Great investment!

Colourless Blenders – There are many kinds of blenders for coloured pencils, but my absolute favourite is Caran D’ache Blender, because it leaves a smooth surface that is not very shiny, and it provides a protection layer on your work. I recently found out I can use it as a fixative for soft pastels pigments, in small areas – perfect for my colouring books! I would love if they would be offered as pencils, as an alternative to sticks, in order to work in details. This blender brings the colours together, protects artwork and makes it look beautiful. Win-win!


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