Castle Arts Premium Pasteltint Pencils 48 count

I recently purchased a new set: 48 Pasteltint Colored Pencils by Castle Arts. I was very interested because I use those tonalities often in my colouring, and it’s a great idea to have a set with a pastel palette only. Pencils really looked good, I was very curious!

Castle Arts’ Pasteltint are coloured pencils, wax-based: very soft, presented in pastel tonalities. 

They are not pastel pencils like Pitt Artists‘ Pastel Pencils by Faber Castell. Pastel pencils are pigment-based with very little binding agent, very dry, no waxes or oils. That’s a different medium.

The pencils arrived in a cardboard box, protecting the tin inside. Very nice! 😀

When I opened the tin, I found five cards and booklets inside. Castle Club Card, a tester sheet for your new pencils, a Colour and Product Guide, a Pasteltint Pencils Guide and an Illustration guide step by step.

I’m impressed with the production of the booklets, as a quick introduction to Art and Colour Theory. Great tips, really helpful. The booklets have basic notions on colour and techniques, and a mini guide on how to start and complete your drawings. It’s clear Castle Arts invested a lot of attention in this printed material and that was created by professionals, I love it.

The tonality selection is enchanting, makes me think of unicorns, bunnies and macaroons 🙂 There are warm tones like pinks and skin tones, cold ones like soft blues, acqua greens and even my favourite purple: wisteria. This set will complete any set of Castle Arts Soft Touch Pencils with new colours.

I find the pencils quite beautiful. The barrel is round, same colour as the core. They are printed with the name and number and a silver band. In comparison to Castle Arts colored pencils, they feel a touch smoother. Pencils are very soft, but are not dusty or crumbly, the core seems resistant and uniform. They feel smooth when colouring, but not waxy. These pencils layer and blend well.

This is a soft pallete but colours are rich, they lay down enough pigment and look beautiful and vibrant in paper. There is no information available concerning resistance to light, so I don’t expect longevity. Those are student pencils, perfect for practice and colouring.

Pasteltint Pencils are easy to hold, lay down colour effortlessly and are very pleasant to work with. They are a great choice to complement any other set with pastel tonalities. With a delicate palette and smooth finish, they are guaranteed to be enjoyed by any colourist wishing to have fun and create beautiful drawings. A collection of pencils with a lovely palette to inspire your creativity.

Castle Arts Premium Pasteltint Pencils 48 count at Amazon

I created a Swatch Template for my Pasteltint Pencils, with names and numbers. I’m sharing here for free with you! Click here to download the Free PDF. I hope you like it!


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