Cute Squirrels from Happy B. Book

I completed this page using student pencils to compare how they perform and what results they could give. To colour, I used what I call my “vintage collection”: It’s a mix of old pencils like Berol, old Prismas and Laurentien’s with Crayolas and a set of Prismacolor Scholar.

It’s clear that some areas have less pigment. I had to work with a lighter hand, producing textures instead of trying to fill the paper’s grain with pigment. Blending doesn’t happen easily with student pencils, you have to work harder to obtain some blending.

In general, it’s a fun experience to use old pencils that got a new life by being placed together in a full new set. Some I had in my drawers, some I got from friends, some I bought in E-bay. I like to wonder about where they have been before getting to my set. 😀

When colouring to relax, use whatever materials you can put your hands on, the important thing is to enjoy the process. In this case, I think my old pencils worked fine. I like the result and I had a great time while colouring this lovely page from Happy Birthday!! by Inko Kotoriyama.

I bought this group of Berol pencils at EBay

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