Lightfastness in Popular Pencil Brands

Some time ago, I’ve done a light resistance test using 9 popular pencil brands.  I wanted to find out how popular brands would perform when exposed to light for 30 days.

Here’s the post: Lightfastness Test 

Many gave very good results, others were disappointing because I really like to colour with them. Now I know that if I invest time in a piece, I’ll use pencils that offer lightfastness. I’ll keep using my other sets when I’m colouring to relax.

As an alternative solution we can apply a layer of fixative, some offer UV resistance. Always test any fixative in a separate paper before applying. Some fixatives can change the tonalities of pigment in your artwork. 

After placing my colour charts in the sunlight for 30 days, I’ve found that pinks and purples are the most affected colours, in many cases disappearing completely after being exposed to light. Here’s a quick list of my results. Click to see the charts’ images.

Better resistance to light 🙂

Low resistance to light 😦

This summer, I’m testing more pencils that I love and that are popular. I can’t wait for the results! I’ll be publishing them soon.

Brands being tested now:

  • Black Widow complete collection – 180 pencils
  • Raam Refined – 120 pencils
  • Kalour – 240 pencils
  • Arrtx – 72 pencils

If you would like to receive the results by email, sign up!

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