Best Colouring Shopping – New List

I’m always looking for new things to improve my colouring. I love this hobby and shopping is always fun! However, I know our planet’s resources are limited (as well as our wallets!) so I definitely want to make smart choices and find products that really make a difference for better in my life. In addition, they must have good quality and be affordable. I research a lot about products before buying to figure out the best choices in colouring materials.

Here’s my new list of goodies for colouring! I’ve included new sets that I really like, books and some cool gadgets.

It takes me some time to build a new list because I research all products or something very similar. I also hear the experiences of other people. I don’t receive any incentive to promote a particular brand. Everything I publish comes from the point of view of a consumer. I would gladly review products if they were sent to me, but I’ll be always honest in my perspective.

  • Faber Castell Black Edition: 36 coloured pencils – Pencils are all black, with coloured tips. They don’t have name or number printed on the barrel. This is a small fun set to have, it’s affordable and performs very well. The core is soft and smooth, they glide easily in the paper. Very pigmented, colours are bright and deep.
  • Raam Refined – Set of 120 coloured pencils – I was surprised with this set. Priced under 40 USD$ ( today while I’m writing: 17% off, price is USD$ 29.99 at It comes in a nice tin and offers a great, large choice of tonalities. Pencils look really good and are comfortable to hold. They have a coloured round barrel, printed with name and number. Raam pencils are soft and pleasant to colour with. Tones are vibrant and saturated. I love this set!
  • Arrtx Premium 72 Colored Pencils Set, Soft Core – This 72 pencils set is a great deal! Affordable and lovely to work with. Pencils have round barrels, colours are vivid and cores are very soft! The vertical packaging is unusual, there’s a foam inside that protects the tips, so my pencils arrived in perfect shape.
  • Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel 60 set – FC equals quality in art materials, and those pencils are fantastic! FC Pitt Pastels are not regular coloured pencils: those are soft or chalk pastels. Core is very pigmented, spreads colour and blends easily. I often use soft pastels on backgrounds because they create smooth transitions between colours. Pencils allow more control than the chalk squares and can colour smaller areas. Soft pastels always require a layer of fixative.
  • Faber-Castell Creative Studio Soft Pastels – My favourite medium for backgrounds are soft pastels, they are perfect for larger areas. I have an older version of this set I received as a gift from another artist, some years ago. They are full of pigment and blend effortlessly, creating subtle colour transitions and an ethereal effect. Soft Pastels require some learning and need a layer of fixative, but they are worth the trouble!
  • Worlds of Wonder – A colouring book for the curious by Johanna Basford– Basford’s last book is an adventure of fantastic landscapes and imaginary worlds. Gorgeous book. We find elements present in her work, like enchanted castles, cute mushroom houses and beautiful botanicals. For me, what’s great in this new book are the drawings: they are a bit larger and composition is lighter. Many have frames, most are one page only. I really like this style. I have the North American version in English and French. The French is stitched, paper is thick and very white. The US English version spine is glued and paper has cream hue.

  • Tales from the Forest Kingdom by Hanna Karlzon – Another great book from Hanna Karlzon, this hardcover beauty is a little smaller than the other ones. Illustrations are enchanting, with fairies flying around mushrooms and unicorns. Must have!
  • Night Garden Coloring Book (R.J. Hampson Coloring Books) – Wonderful book with fantastic forests, hidden animals and magical drawings. I love that illustrations are printed one side only and you have two copies of each. I wish paper would be thicker, it’s on the lighter side. For me, the quality of the illustrations compensated for that because they are very cool!
  • Side Table with Charging Station – This is so useful to organize my art materials when I’m not working from my desk. This table is small, has storage, a charging station and most importantly – wheels. Portable companion that keeps pencils and books ready for relaxing and colourful moments.
  • Lumbar Support Pillow – I spend many hours working in a desk. I try to get up every hour, exercise a bit and move around, but having the right chair and back support is important. I’ve purchased this pillow a few months ago and it’s really good to keep my back comfortable while colouring. I find that lumbar support is fundamental because it allows me to work longer. More time having fun!
  • Pen and Pencil Organizer for desk  – Organizers are a necessity. I use this one mostly for pens like Poscas, ink and brush pens as well as drawing pencils. Arranged with the tips visible, they stay accessible and it’s easy to find the colour I’m looking for. I like the mesh because it looks neutral and clean.

  • Derwent Push Button Waterbrush Assorted Set – Derwent waterbrushes act almost like pens, having a compartment for water. This model has an innovation, a button to control the water flow. I really like to work with these brushes, they are mess free and so easy to use. When travelling or working outside they are my first choice.

  • Canson Black Drawing Sketchbook – This is my favourite sketchbook for a Visual Journal. I absolutely love to draw on the black paper using colourful pencils, the lines just pop! I have the 9”x12” with a side wire. Pages are microperfurated, this is a great feature because they’re easy to detach but stay perfect if you don’t.
  • Paper Cutter and Trimmer with sliding safe blade – This cutter holds the paper in place and the blade is hidden, being super safe and steady. Blades can be replaced when they became dull. I received one as a gift a few years ago, and I use it all the time. I use it to cut artwork and cards, and it’s a great solution when my colouring books fall apart, I can perfectly trim the pages, taking away any glue or folding left by the biding. I like that the cut is precise and looks professional.
  • Magnifying Glasses with Led – I know it seems funny, but they’re actually quite helpful! On my working desk, I have a lamp with magnifying lenses that I use often to colour small details. When I’m somewhere else, I love having those around because they’re convenient. Very light, easy to use and can be placed in front of your prescription glasses. Nice gadget!
  • Colored Pencil Painting Bible – This is a great book for anyone that wants to improve their colouring. The author explains basic and developed techniques, all with great visual examples. Tricks and tips that make a difference, like how to create real black. It’s a Colourist must have!
  • Coliro Metallic Watercolours – My favourite metallic art material. I like metallic pencils and pens, but I find that Coliro creates the most beautiful and delicate metallic details. They are easy to use and bright on paper.

In this Blog I share reviews of Art products and promote the ones I really like and enjoy to work with. I never received any product for free from any company ( I would welcome free gifts, for sure! 😀 But my reviews will always be honest. I don’t promote Art materials I don’t like). All the products reviewed in this blog were purchased by me. I also cover all the cost of this Blog, including server, software rental and domain. To contribute to pay for the costs, I’m an Amazon Associate. If you use the links provided in this Blog, you’re helping to support my work. Thank you!


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