New! Free Prismacolor 24 Swatch

Prismacolor Premier Pencils are loved by most Colourists because they are smooth, easy to work with and have a vast choice of colours. If you are starting your collection, check this out: I created a New Swatch Chart for the Prismacolor 24 Set that can be really helpful. Swatches help to find the right tonality for your project. Charts may also serve as a guide when you are building a new pencil collection.

Here’s my Free Swatch Chart for Prismacolor Premier 24 Pencils Set. Pencils are in the same order as they are placed in the tin box. Free PDF available for download.

I hope you enjoy 🙂 Happy Colouring!

Click here to download Prisma 24 Free Swatch Chart PDF

This is how the Swatch Chart for Prismacolor 24 looks like when completed:

T’GALL is best sharpener for Prismacolor Pencils

Please visit my Etsy Shop for more Swatches:


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