Colouring Books List

Looking for a great Colouring Book?

I’m always looking for new colouring books for my Wish List. There are so many amazing books being published that I’ll have to create some more shelf space around here 🙂

I only recommend selected Books that I really like. I prefer to promote books created by Artists. Purchasing them is supporting talented individuals and the artistic community.

I love to see the style of each Artist in the illustrations, the patterns, the visual language. It’s so pleasant to see the lines and continuity of their work developing a theme. I always look for books that are interesting and captivating. When the Artwork is original and creative, it makes me want to go colour right away 😀

Merry Holidays wherever you are reading this Blog! I wish you a wonderful time full of colours, love and joy!

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Rooms of Wonder: Step Inside This Magical Coloring Book by Johanna Basford

Worlds of Wonder: A Coloring Book for the Curious by Johanna Basford

Dragon Dreams Coloring Book by R.J. Hampson

Moon Valley Coloring Book by Maria Trolle

Botanicum Coloring Book: Special Edition Hardcover by Maria Trolle

Mythic World by Kerby Rosanes

World of Color by Kerby Rosanes

Tales from the Witch’s Cottage: Coloring Book by Hanna Karlzon

Menuet de Bonheur Colouring Book by Kanoko Egusa

Rhapsody in the Forest Colouring Book by Kanoko Egusa

Be Calm and Color: Channel Your Anxiety into a Soothing, Creative Activity by Lacy Lucklow and Angela Porter 

Posh Adult Coloring Book Inspired Garden: Soothing Designs for Fun & Relaxation by Susan Black

Posh Adult Coloring Book: Cats and Flowers for Fun & Relaxation by Susan Black

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