Birds and Black Widow Pencils

This page was really fun to colour! I really enjoy the drawings in this book, they are not too small and most are single page, so they are faster to complete. Fairy Tales by Emelie Oberg is definitely one of my favourite books, so much that I’m thinking about getting a second copy 😀

I used only Black Widow pencils in this drawing. There are different sets from BW that complement each other, I’ve used most of them here. Black Widow Colored Pencils Collection – Black Widow, ScorpionCobraMonarch and Skin – Dark and Light.

The yellow background was coloured with Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels. Lately, I’ve been using a Caran D’Ache blender to seal the soft pastel pigment in place. It works great! Larger areas will demand more patience, but this way I avoid using fixative. The fixative in spray sometimes alters colours and one should always test before using it on artwork.

Black Widow pencils have a crayon feeling sometimes. I really like that, they’re smooth and bright. I was able to blend and layer without problem, and I like the way they glide on the paper. All the sets together total 144 different pencils, plenty of choice among beautiful colours.


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